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Nancy Burner
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2016 SoMAS Photo Competition
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Final proposal
For my project my goal is to show an externalized view of each of the five main categories of mental illness: Dementia's, eating disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and anxiety disorders. I want to also highlight this from a younger point (More)
"How we can do Things with Tools": Exploring "Disciplined Play" in the Literature Classroom
The Increasingly Popular "Digital Humanities" With an increase in the availability of digital tools, and the looming threat of humanities disciplines becoming irrelevant, many literary scholars have begun to incorporate digital text analysis and ‚ (More)
MSRC Students/Faculty Flex Muscles
This spring - in addition to the usual final exams, finishing theses, and graduation - many MSRC students, faculty and staff tested their (More)
MSRC's Bill Wise Honored with Education Award
Bill Wise, MSRC Associate Director, was honored by Promote Long Island NY, Inc. last week when the organization presented him with the L (More)
Bartleby, Pedagogy, and Digital Rhetoric
[caption id="attachment_129" align="alignright" width="387"] The Dead Letter Office from Bar (More)
Week 5 : 2/26
[caption id="attachment_109" align="aligncenter" width="334"] Stony Brook Melville Library 3rd Floor[/caption] (More)
OCTET Workshop Report
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Digitizing Rhetorical Methods
David Eyman begins this chapter by acknowledging that the digitized version of Aristotle's faithful old rhetorical triangle mirrors a system of interconnectivity rather than a static, threefold framework.  He asserts that methods of digital rhetoric (More)
Ocean Carbon Transport, Exchanges and Transformations (OCTET)
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#6: Organ Donor Enrollment Day
More than 10,000 New Yorkers are currently waiting for organ transplants, and every 18 hours one dies waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Stony Brook Medicine and Stony Brook University took the lead in changing this situation by participating in (More)
A New Recipe for Cultures
        Recently, I read an article for my writing class, Writing for your Profession, about the cultural differences in the business world. The article goes on (More)
A Little Bit About Myself
I lived in Gainesville, Florida from six months old to about three-and-a-half. I went to Disney World at least once a week. I think being so overly indulged at such a young age has a lot to do with who I am now. My love for dinosaurs, my dream of bei (More)
SB You Voices
Discover what is being said across SB You by looking at the category and tag pages. These pages show the trending and most commonly used tags and catego (More)
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