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Project 1: Nostalgia?
For this project, I wanted to make a statement about how an object can start off as something nostalgic, but over time, begins to lose its meaning. I photographed a pair of shoes, the shoes that I wore to junior prom. I tried to photograph them in a (More)
Task 3: Lighting Ratios
For this task, we set up two lights shining onto the model. One light (the fill light) was kept at a steady reading of 4, while the other was (the key light) decreased in between shots to create the ratios. [et_pb_fullwidth_slider admin_label=\"App Information\" show_arrows=\"on\" show_pagination=\"on\" auto=\"off\" parallax=\"on\" parallax_method=\"on\" remove_inner_shadow=\"off\" background_position=\" (More)
5/3/2015: Reflection Journal #14: Roth Regatta 2015, TLT Style
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZD_f65IoTU The above is a link to video I recorded in 60 FPS of TLT\'s boat this year, styled after More)
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