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Task 3: Lighting Ratios
For this task, we set up two lights shining onto the model. One light (the fill light) was kept at a steady reading of 4, while the other was (the key light) decreased in between shots to create the ratios.

Task 3: Light Painting
Some more photographic experiments, this time with friends~ We were supposed to give light painting a try. There are so many different ways to go about doing this, so here are some methods I attempted: One For these takes, I used the moon as my li (More)
Task 4: Final Project Proposal
Semester and Year: Fall 2016 Course: ARS281 Student Name: Antonia Brogna Date: November 22, 2016   PROJECT TITLE (Project 6: Final Projects Series): Arrow   PROJECT DESCRIPTION: (250 word description of t (More)
The Camera Task
WHITE BALANCE- TUNGSTEN [caption id="attachment_36" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Aperture: 4.5 Shutter Speed: 1/80 ISO: 400 Device: Canon EOS 7D Dimensi (More)
Still Life
[caption id="attachment_269" align="alignnone" width="300"] Monochromatic

[caption id="attachment_270" align="alignnone" wi (More)
Constructed Image
Source images:             Final Image:   (More)
Digital Collage
Final Composition:       Source Images: (More)
Trey Ratcliff Presentation
Trey Ratcliff is one of the most prominent HDR photographers of the current age. He has dedicated his life to capturing beautiful images of various landscapes, architecture, and subjects. He utilizes HDR to his advantage by enabling himself to produc (More)
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