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Student Response Systems at SBU
In an attempt for uniformity and appropriate faculty support of technologies, as well as saving our students the expense of being required to use multiple response systems; I am reminding everyone that Turning Technologies is the supported classroom (More)
Jumped the Shark
Turning Technologies will last a few more seasons, but Fall 2014 will be the year when they jumped the shark.  It\'s too close to the advent of newer methods of student responses for such a large hiccup.  Really a shame they couldn\'t have gone out m (More)
Send Message mode will not get you points in class
Before you even answer a poll in class... how many icons are on your screen?  Does it look like this? It shouldn\'t. This is the Send Message mode. Theoretically it (More)
checklist of Turning Technology Cloud woes
We use clickers with an LMS - namely Blackboard (9.1.110082.0). When you use an LMS, you need to register your online Turning Technology account with your school email address and indicate that you are either an instructor or a student. Once re (More)
Just so you know what we are sending...
This letter went out to all SBU students that had previously registered clickers (and were registered for class in the Fall 14 semester) from within our Blackboard system: Dear Student As a previously registered clicker user you are receiving t (More)
\"TurningPoint Cloud\" is damaged and can\'t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.
If you are getting this error when trying to run TurningPoint Cloud from a USB stick on a Mac; here is your solution: Normally, when you download software from th (More)
Turning Technologies Open House
Turning Technologies Open House Turning Technologies, maker of the student response system, TurningPoint Cloud, will be here to demonstrate and discuss the new version of their software. Feel free to drop in at anytime. 8/27/14 - Melville Libra (More)
Clicker registration changing
This Fall, Turning Technologies is changing their software to a cloud based registration system.  This doesn\'t change it\'s functionality for it\'s use in the classroom or class preparation, and the software is already available online here: More)
Turningpoint Clicker grading issue
Clickers are used to gain student involvement in even the largest classrooms. At Stony Brook University, a lot of our instructors will assign points to the students  whether they get the question right or not. Sometimes the same amount of points, som (More)
Google Forms as a virtual clicker
Students could use laptops, ipod touches, or smart phones in class to respond to questions from the instructor. If you keep the \"poll\" or quiz open, you can also collect answers asynchronously for online/flipped learning. The answers are dumped (More)
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