Personal Statement Workshops

perstatementSuccessful Personal Statement for Graduate School I
A well-written personal statement enables you to persuasively present yourself to an admissions committee whose members have never met you. This is the first of a two-part workshop designed to assist students in brainstorming, drafting and revising their personal statement for graduate school. In this workshop, we will discuss the structure of an effective personal statement, as well as tips and guidelines to help you distinguish yourself from other applicants. We will also brainstorm possible “hooks” for your personal statement.

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The GPNC Option


Friday October 24 @ 4 p.m. :
Last day to change a class to or from the Grade/Pass/No Credit (G/P/NC) option.
  • The Top 10 things to Know About the G/P/NC Option
  • The G/P/NC Video Tutorial
  • G/P/NC Screenshots
  • P.B.A. Show Discusses the G/P/NC Option

InfoSession: Becoming an English Teacher

If you are thinking about becoming a high school/middle school English teacher, or if you are interested in learning more about the profession of teaching and the process of earning teacher certification, please attend any (or all) of the following information sessions. All are welcome. Please invite others who may be interested, even if their major is not currently English.

Information Sessions: Becoming an English Teacher at Stony Brook University
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