Registration Tools

Registration season for the Spring 2015 semester is upon us! Need a little help? On this page you will find some of the best tutorials on the web!

  • Registering For Classes (Video Tutorial)
  • Viewing Your Degree Progress Report
  • How to Prepare For Registration Season (Interactive Podcast)
  • How to Avoid Late Graduation (Interactive Podcast)
  • How to Find Your Enrollment Appointment (Video Tutorial)
  • Frequently Asked Question, the Course Repeat Policy, ans so much more!

The Registration Preparation Page


Classie Evaluations

classieEver wish you had access to what your fellow students said about courses here at Stony Brook?  Something like “Rate My Professor” but just for Stony Brook, and with a lot more data and accuracy?  You do now!  All the numeric data plus the open text comments are available to you once you login.  Your input is invaluable, so please remember to complete your course evaluations later this semester.

Available at