#28 Lessons Learned on the Water

The School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) hosts hundreds of schools and families at the research facility on the campus of Stony Brook Southampton.

Through these community outreach programs, visitors are invited to explore the local waterways and marine life on the SoMAS research vessels.


Students came from Albany for hands on learning at SoMAS.

One group of  AP Biology and Environmental Science students from Albany conducted real research on a field trip to the Southampton facility. As they explored the Shinnecock Bay, the students learned about the water temperature, oxygen levels, salinity as well as the flora and fauna of the marine life.

Nearly 60 members of The Children’s Museum of the East End joined the SoMAS team for a Winter Bird/Seal Cruise on December 10. They saw more than 100 seals on the trip. The group also attended a Bay Exploration program in the summer, where they observed the local fish and animals in the bay.

For the first time, students from Southold Elementary School came on a field trip to the SoMAS labs. Roughly 60 fifth graders were able to  use scientific water research equipment,  held a net to catch aquatic organisms and were able to hold marine life up close with a touch tank.

Learn more about the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences: http://www.somas.stonybrook.edu/