Character Designs

This is a fighting game that has a story line.

The first character is a teacher named Ms. Sarah, she’s not very nice to her students. She comes in to school everyday and treats the students poorly because she isn’t living her dream life. Her parents forced her to become a teacher even though she always wanted to be an actress. On the last day of school she decided to give the students more homework than she had ever given in the past, and failed half of the class even though they did all of their work. Eventually one of the students got really mad at her and decided to teach her a lesson.

The second character (main character) is Tim. Tim is a good student who doesn’t like being treated unfairly. Tim has been taking martial arts classes since he was 3 years old and is a black belt in karate. After failing the third grade because he had a mean teacher, he decided to get revenge. This was the start of Tim fighting almost everyday.

The game begins with Tim fighting the teacher.