As what I did for my logo design, I also create this topography logo for the same perfume company, which is called BeautyMaker. I used the 3D Text, making the logo vivid, to tell our customers that the fragrance will surround their body from all sides. The maple leaf implies the ingredients of our perfume are nature. Multiple colors makes the topography logo more cute. What’s more, I also want to use the variety of color to show the diversity of our perfume.

I choose XingKai font for this logo, because this font is created from ancient China, which has a long history similar to our brand. What appeals me most is the maple leaf. It brings a lot of imaginations of beautiful things.


Ta gave the respond for me: The square opaque background,  leaves and the three dimensions make my topography too busy. Thus I delete the extra elements and keep some maple leaves and the rainbow to simplify the previous topography.