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334 Term Project Proposal

Connor Eng

“Burj Khalifa”

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It is located in Dubai. Its architecture is one of a kind and the different aspects of the building are amazing. The building stands at a whopping 2,717 feet with 162 stories and the second tallest building standing 300 meters shorter. The construction of the building started in 2004 and opened in January of 2010. It was designed by Adrian Smith and costed $1.5 billion to construct. The Burj Khalifa is a mixed-use building that consists of apartments, offices, a hotel, restaurants, and many tourist attractions.

The objective is to use graphics, animation, video, and illustration to show off the aspects of this phenomenal building. This type of animation will allow for a better analysis of the build’s structure and interiors, while being able to show off what it has to offer today. The 3D model makes the building as realistic as it would be in person and the birds eye view capabilities that are rare to see. Clips from videos that have captured the Burj Khalifa will be used to mimic the 3D model and external view.

The target audience is people interested in architecture and anyone who is fascinated in world phenomenon.


Burj Khalifa-

Burj Khalifa video tour-

Inside the Burj Khalifa-

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