About Me

I often enjoy designing and planning out the mechanics or story of a video game, even when I know it’d be an expansive project that I wouldn’t have the ability or resources to make myself.  I’ll usually get the initial idea for a game at random times and then spend the next few weeks or even months refining the design of the game in my head when I have a few moments to think.

I tried to represent these moments in my selfie by picturing myself at my computer surrounded by thoughts of various games, coming out of a “void.”  The cutout of me at my computer is black and white to show a disconnect with reality as I focus on my thoughts.  The “thought bubbles” were made somewhat pixelated to appear more game-like.  The thoughts don’t represent any specific game ideas I’ve had but rather just generic racing, exploration, and fighting games respectively.


Images used that weren’t taken by me can be found here: