Project Description

Title: This Too Shall Pass

Brief Synopsis:

This term project topic would have a straightforward story about a solar powered toy car. The story would start with the the car being powered by the sun and driving along until it hits a spot of shade caused by a tree. Then it would start to slow down and then get stuck right at the edge of the shade, unable to get powered. Then, time would pass and the sun would get lower, increasing the shade until night time. The car’s problems seem to keep mounting up and being impossible to get passed. However, time would continue and then the light would slowly increase as the sun rises on a new day. In the morning sun, the angle of the tree’s shadow is different and the car is no longer in the shade. It slowly power back on and continues its journey.

It is a simple story about how even as your problems seem to keep piling up and it seems like the end of the world, it is important to remember that this setback is only temporary. However, even though it ends with the car driving on, night will inevitably fall again, resulting in the car getting stuck. So, it is also a reminder that while enjoying happy times, it can be helpful to remember that troubles can still lie ahead. It is essentially a story about the old saying “This too shall pass.”

Target Audience:

I believe that this story could appeal to all audiences. The struggle of the car and its eventual getting passed the issue is obvious to anyone who watches it. However, the more introspective message that I hope to get across will likely only occur to an older audience that is high school aged or older.





Character Sheet

Audio Track

The audio track starts with the sound of Spomar driving by and will give me the chance to insert a title screen as the model car goes by. Then it starts a positive, quick song as the animation will follow Spomar driving around under the sun. Near the end of this music, Spomar will run into the shadow of a tree, which is when the music slows to quieter drums and then you hear the sound of tires slowing on dirt/gravel as Spomar comes to a stop. Then night will descend as crickets start to make noise and the night goes on, hearing the sound of an owl. Finally, as things seem their darkest, you hear the cry of a rooster, heralding in the new day. The animation will show the sun rising as triumphant music starts of with heavy drums and trumpets. Spomar will drive off into the distance and as the music dies and there are a couple seconds of silence, the animation will show the sun beginning to set again.

3D Character Model

Shaded 3D Scene

Pencil Test



Title Screen