About Me

The idea that I was trying to express through my self-portrait was about who I am and what I am interested in. In order to convey this, I had a self-portrait of myself breaking down into small dust-like components and reforming into things that are important to me. By doing so, I hope to show that these are things that shape who I am. A large part of the image has part of me breaking into a backdrop of the New York skyline. Being born and raised in New York has definitely had a large influence on who I am. It has given me the culture and attitude that New Yorkers are lucky to have. I have it placed on the top half of the image to make the self-portrait have a setting to it despite it just being a breakdown of myself. I have also given it an oil painting filter to give the night sky an artistic imagery similar to the Starry Night painting, which is an art style I like a lot. The Starry Night is my first thought when it comes to art so I felt it appropriate to emulate it in this project.

In the lower half, I have activities and interests that take up a lot of my time. I enjoy story telling a lot and try to enjoy them in whatever media is offered. Whether it is books, television, or video games. To express this, I have part of me breaking down across the bottom of the self-portrait to form a pile of books and a laptop. Both are things I spend my a lot of time with. To express activities that I do electronically, I tried to have some logos of Reddit, Steam, the PlayStation, and a YouTube group, projecting from the laptop screen. In order to give this feeling, I applied a wind filter on the logos to seem like they were shooting out from the laptop and had a somewhat shaky, stretched image like in a projector.