Alone with Fireflies


Sometimes people feel lonely. It’s a terrible feeling to have, but it’s a part of life. Sometimes all it takes is witnessing a spectacle or having someone connect with you to help you not feel lonely. This is the idea behind this story. Here a robot in a field to a sky without lights. He looks up and around to see nothing but an empty field, as if he is all alone. However, he soon finds he isn’t actually alone, and that in the field lives many fireflies, who come out, dance around, and soon becomes the night sky. All but one, who stays around to accompany the lone robot on a new adventure.


To use 3D animation and lighting effects to deliver the above story. Audio will set the mood as the story progresses, with a few added sound effects to emphasis the actions taken by the robot and the firefly at the end. animation of the fireflies will be done using particles to display the fireflies as point lights.

Target Audience:

People in the teen to adult range who may have had times where they felt lonely and they were picked back up on their feet by friends and/or family.


Partially inspired by this:

“The Last Bastion”


Starry Field:


A Firefly: