Project Proposal


Title : “Laser Beams”

Brief Sypnopsis : Although the first image that comes to mind when thinking of lasers is that of spy movies, with spies ducking to get into a dangerous building to avoid them. Lasers are actually much more complex than that, they are devices that emit light by optical amplification – and are made possible by spatial coherence.

In 1917, Albert Einstein presented the theory that would make lasers possible – he proposed that electrons could be stimulated at a particular wavelength and emit light. Today, in Livermore, California – a laser was built that emitted more than 2.15 MJ (megajoules) of energy – and we even have laser printers in our homes.

Objective : To use graphics (photographs, paintings,and Historical documents), video, and animation to illustrate the phenomenon and relate its history. Audio will provide narration and background music.

Audience : It’s anticipated that the audience for this piece would be high school and undergraduate students interested in , history,optics and physics

Sources :
“How lasers are used in the Movies ” –

‘The History of the Laser, A Trip through the Light” –



This was soon updated because I wanted a more compelling story, and while laser beams are compelling as an instrument, I wanted something more fun and approachable. So it turned into a more abstract expression of lasers, a dancing laser.