Project Description

334 Term Project Proposal Version 1

Meagan Couture


“Breaking Free”


Though it is not recommended, I would like to do a scene from a 2D animation that I’ve been conceptualizing and working on, but in the 3D realm. This animation deals with concepts of emotion, but the scene that I would like to work with is that where a heart with wings breaks out of a locked wooden chest. The scene shown in the animation would start with a sweep around the chest from back to front, then a zoom towards to the chest as it shakes. The lock will snap open and a winged heart will fly out off into the sky. There is a slight inspiration from Pandora’s Box like ideas and I’m considering adding a chain which tries to pull the heart back in.


To use 3D animation to illustrate a physical representation of repressed emotions breaking free from their confines. A 3D model of a simplistic and stylized red heart with stylized angel wings will be created, along with 1 chest model and one lock model. A short storyboard will be created and elaborated on. I will go purchase a small wooden chest and lock as aids in creating its animated counterpart.


As this is one of the more positive scenes in the full 2D animation, this particular scene can be seen as a “for all ages” scene. It will have a more cartoony style, like that of a Nintendo video game perhaps, but it will deal with an emotional representation, therefore I’m going to say Rated E10+.