334 Term Project Proposal

334 Term Project Proposal

Yohan Park



“Objects around us”


Have you ever thought about when no one is watching, things could move? Have you ever experienced you cannot find your phone that you think you just put on the table? This kind of ideas always have existed. Since I am a computer science student, I would like to make a conversation between computers animation. The overall story would be a trash talk behind us after everyone went home.


Use proper character and various images. Also, to characterize objects around us with a narrative conversation. Different background music is needed as well. I would like to make this as the movie “Toy Story”. However, the whole part would not be the animation. I would like to add some paintings to the real picture based objects.


This could be anyone, but audience could more agree with this animation if they are related to computer science or have taken computer science course.



Toy Story 4 –


Real Life Doodles #2 *With Sounds*-


Real Life Doodles! One our Complication –