Project Proposal

” The Kendo Sparring”

Two robots are using shinais are flighting on the wood ground. Shinai is the weapon being used in the traditional Japanese martial art Kendo. A shinai is a sword made of bamboo. In the beginning, two robots with their kendo swords enter the wooden ground while they are followed by lights. In the match, the robots will present several simple techniques (critical hit) in Kendo. As one of the robot’s sword suddenly is broken by the other robot, the match ends. The winner walks around to show the joy of winning while the other is standing still with its head down.

In this project, animation and audio will be used to represent the scene of a Kendo match. The atmosphere will reach the climax as music/sounds convey the feeling of excitement. The two robots with their shinais will be built in 3D.

The audience for this project will be people who are interested in traditional Japanese martial art.

Source: Fight SFX

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