Blackboard Smart Views

Smart Views are a feature in Blackboard which allows you to create custom views of your students, grade columns and categories. Creating custom views allows you to set up new layouts of your information so that you can grade more effectively. These custom views can be favorited so they appear under your Grade Center menu for easy access.

Some of examples of Smart Views in action are:

  • Custom views for your TA’s – Do you have TA’s helping to manage your grading? Set up groups and give your TAs a custom view of their group so they can follow their students easier through the semester.
  • Attendance – Create a custom attendance view so that you can keep your grades and attendance columns separate and organized.
  • Managing Categories – Do you have a lot of tests? quizzes? assignments? Create a smart view to see only them and make sure your students are staying on track.
  • Cross-listed classes – Create groups for each section and you can display a custom group of students so that you know which students belong to which section. Great for joint undergraduate and graduate sections.
  • Keeping track – Want to keep track of how students are performing? Create a Smart View based on their grades to track if they are falling behind.

Interested in setting up Smart Views? Contact CELT for more information!

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