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Instructors….consider trying one of the following technologies this semester:

 Adobe Connect room (Web conferencing) are  available to you and your students (accessible from within and outside of your Blackboard course)

If you are interested in using Student Response Systems (Clickers), Turning Technologies integrates with Blackboard’s Grade Center

Capturing can be done in certain lecture halls & on your own machine…. If you are teaching in a classroom that has an Echo360 appliance installed, and you would like your course recorded, make sure you submit a request  as soon as possible.  You can publish recordings to Blackboard and stream live to your enrolled students.   For more information, visit:  https://it.stonybrook.edu/services/echo360-lecture-capture

Personal Capture is available if you are not teaching in a room that has Echo installed or you would prefer to record lectures from your personal computer, please know that you can install personal capture and request that recordings are published in Blackboard.  For more information , visit: http://it.stonybrook.edu/help/kb/using-personal-capture 

ECHO 360’s Student Engagement  tools.   In Fall 2017, we moved to Echo360’s cloud platform. Students can engage with content, peers and instructors using echo360’s ability to take notes, ask questions and place study or confusion markers as they watch the videos.

VoiceThread  can be used to share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos from within or outside of Blackboard.  Interested in teaching a class that satisfies the SBC SPK requirement?  ...talk to us about how you could use VoiceThread.

Google Drive is as great way to brainstorm with your students and share documents

Encourage self reflection and sharing of information/coursework by using Digication to create ePortfolios.

Simulations  & Animations developed by CELT’s Teaching and Learning Lab Staff & student employees

Respondus is a software that allows you to create tests which can be printed out or uploaded into Blackboard. This software allows you to work offline and create your test questions and manage them so that they can be easily reused and and combined with other tests.

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