Final Project

This project was something I wanted to base of off what I really love in life.  I am beach person.  I belong there at any time of day of any season.  I find much enjoyment from the ocean breeze, salt in-between my toes, swimming in the ocean, to smell of burgers and French fries cooking on the boardwalk.  So, I thought it would be best to base my final portfolio on the desertedness of beach life during the winter season.  In this portfolio, I vary photographs of still life and landscapes.  I felt that black and white photography adds to the deserted vibe.  When I was out taking pictures, the climate was cold and breezy, as well as a haze.













My reference for this portfolio was Joel Meyerowitz’s series in Cape Cod.  He displayed many homes in this series and it seemed almost vacant.  He was very precise with his angles and this is where it inspired me to photograph buildings and a vacant mood.


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