Research Coordination Network (RCN) for Aging Population


Welcome to the webpage of Research Coordination Network (RCN) for Aging Population, funded by National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC) Program.

The objective of the RCN is to develop a collaborative, multidisciplinary research platform to study the relationship between S&CC and the built environment (e.g., varying urban densities), centered on creating S&CC that incorporate the aging population, with the broader goal of including all segments of the society.

The RCN focuses on three themes related to the aging population: 1) transportation, 2) public safety/emergency services, and 3) housing.

On this website, you can find information about the RCN objectives and focus areas, RCN organizational structure and current collaboratorsRCN-initiated activities, and upcoming academic and community events related to RCN objectives.