This is my final presentation as well as a stepping stone into my next project for a solo show next spring.

I selected 3 creatures I was interested in and took portions of their stories that would define them and try to capture them in the images. This was also the first time I took pictures in the studio and environmental images around my town and combined them.

They’re a bit dark for my tastes when said and done but they were done as a test run for my solo show. For the next set I want to take more in natural lighting and see how they turn out.




El Cuco

Here I took the story that El Cuvo was originally a man who was sick and told that if he drank the blood of a child and spread their fat on his chest he would be cured.



The Windego is known for being a creature that prays on human flesh. While most are deformed in lore I took to doing one that had just turned. The lore says a human will turn into a Windego when they resort to canibilism even for survival.



The Bubak is a very simple legend, it’s a scarecrow type creature that will lure it’s vicims in by sounding like a baby crying and steal the person’s soul. He then uses the souls to weave himself clothing. He’s also said to have a cart that’s pulled by 12 black cats which I tried to add to the image.




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