Week 14 – – (5/9/14)


This was the last week of our internship. During my shadow hours in the Main Library SINC Site, the pharos system went down again. We were first notified when a user was not able to print properly on the express line. We were given an error we have never seen before a popup ldp error. As we were trying to address the issue, we did not realize no one had notified Rose until she walked out herself. We all made assumptions and thought she was already notified. After asking on SB Connect, we found out this was a system wide issue, since it was occurring in other SINC Sites as well. Mickey was then notified and was able to resolve this issue quickly. From this incident, I learned that it is very important to not make assumptions. When assumptions are made, things never get communicated across properly.

During my shadow hours in the NRR CoLA, I have encountered an uncooperative user for the first time. I asked another consultant to check the floor for food and drinks and one the booths were very uncooperative and shouted disrespectful terms at her. We tried addressing the issue and the user was able to calm down, so the problem was resolved.

For our last day of class, there were two more group presentations left. Everyone did very well and we were able to retake our intern picture! The senior consultant dinner will be this evening, so the interns will be taking over their shifts. I am very nervous but at the same time excited.

Week 13 – Roth Regatta – (5/2/14)

Roth Regatta

Picture taken from Wei2Go Studios

This week was basically hell for me. I spent almost every day of the week in the library trying to finish group projects. The only thing I looked forward to was Roth Regatta. This year’s theme was Video Games, so we voted on building a Charizard boat, much thanks to Kayla and Kenny for organizing! I was only able to help out the night before, but thank you all for making this happen. SHOUT OUT TO OUR ASH(Kenny), BROCK(Ben) AND MISTY(Kara) AS WELL AS TEAM ROCKET(Kayla, Hilton, Sujoy, Amir and I)!

Watch the video here: Roth Regatta 2014

“That was the best submarine I ever saw” – Pam

Although, we sunk immediately, we sunk with pride.

Week 12 – Presentations – (4/25/14)


20140425_142603_Engineering Dr

We started our final presentations this week for our internship class. Our presentation topic with TLT with Chuck Powell, so my teammate, Victoria, and I were quite nervous. However, our practice presentation with Tara was really helpful. She gave us some helpful advice and we became a little more confident about our presentation. Our experience with Google sites was a bit frustrating due to the lack of variability, but it was overall a very fun experience. You check out our website here: TLT with Chuck.

For mentor hours, I was able to help a few users with problems concerning WolfieNet and Print From Anywhere. Rose always mentioned that there are times when users don’t even know what they need help with, so it was our job to figure it out. This was my “ah” moment. An user who called said she was having issues with Print From Anywhere, but it was actually just a WolfieNet problem. She had issues connecting to WolfieNet-Secure, so it was causing problems for Print From Anywhere. In the end, I was able to successfully resolve both issues. I was also working on the Intern Exam Ryan created with my mentors. The exam had a lot of questions that was similar to the Level 1 exam. Most of the exam was familiar to me, but it help clarify a few things.


Week 11 – Sparky (4/18/14)

HTML example
For our last walking tour, we went to visit Life Science, Humanities, SBS and History SINC Sites. After the tour, we regrouped in the SBS SINC Site and Nam gave us a basic introduction to Sparky as well as a mini lesson on HTML5. He taught the class how to transfer files to Sparky and create a basic webpage using Notepad and Dreamweaver. I personally enjoyed this class because it was a refresher for the Introductory Web Design class I took last semester and I really like this topic. As a part of the class, Rose later assigned us a homework assignment and I modified one of my old webpages to suit TLT.

I was put in charge of Main and delegated tasks to other consultants. In preparation for the Sparky class, Celia went over Sparky commands and problems involved with it with me. She also quizzed me about issues related to NetID and SOLAR due to the recent Heartbleed Bug issue.

You can view my webpage here.

Week 10 – Professionalism + Etiquette(4/11/14)

This weeks internship class was quite different than all the previous classes. Diana and Tara both joined us in the Chemistry SINC Site addressed some issues that we needed to be aware about. As our supervisor Diane opened up to us about her shortcomings and let us know of our importance in TLT. It was very heartwarming to know that people truly do appreciate our service for them. Diana also mentioned about revamping our Lynda.com website and trying to make our webpages more people friendly. Until she pointed it out, I was not really aware of how technical our webpages were compared to other universities. Afterwards, I started noticing that our webpages do lack user friendliness.

In addition to her presentation, we also were given the opportunity to role play. It was a fun experience trying to understand and enact different situations whether as the consultant or as Rose. She used this opportunity to address the issue of consultants not showing the proper work place etiquette.

For my mentoring hours, I started to do quizzes as attendances. Nam went over the documentation for his MAC workshop and it helped me visualize what I can do for my final presentation. Celia went over accounts with me and spoke about her experiences with the internship and gave me some advice on the final presentation.


Week 9 – e-Portfolio (4/4/14)

This week for our internship class, a graduate student, Rachel Koeth, came in to speak to us about the basics of ePortfolio. She showed us many professional ePortfolios as a reference and showed us how to use specific features that were available to us. I also found out we can edit and include our own CSS code. I have taken an Introductory Web Design class, so I look forward to playing with the code. After being show the various ePortfolios, you can see the individuality that is expressed through each and every ePortfolio. Before that, we went on a walking tour to ESS Labs, Harriman Graduate Lab and the Harriman SINC Site.

For my mentor hours, I helped Raul experiment with a new Virtual SINC Site platform that runs on WIndows 8. I started to delegate tasks more effectively as an intern. For some reason, this took some getting used to because at the beginning it felt weird commanding other consultants, since I was not in a position of authority. I also learned about ping.stonybrook.edu and resolved several Print From Anywhere issues with the MAC.


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