Project Three: Composite Image


I just got back from a trip to Washington, D.C. so I decided to use photos from an impromptu photoshoot with my friends in Georgetown for this composite image. I combined three photos of my friend Anastacia to make this image.


This photo served as the base of the image. I used Photoshop to get rid of that white thing (probably a painting accessory) in the bottom right hand corner so it wouldn’t be distracting. I also cropped it to remove most of the window on the left.

washington-1Next, I cut Anastacia out of this photo and moved the layer onto the original horizontal image. I decreased her opacity to make her look kind of ghostly, something like a memory of where she had been previously. I was going to add only this image, but then I decided that the canvas seemed to empty.

washington-2I repeated the same steps on this photo to move it onto the composite image. I changed the opacity on this one as well, though on the composite image, this one is slightly less see-through.

I ended up also using Photoshop to add filters to the image to make it appear more sepia-toned and grungy. There is some noise in the photo, but I feel like it adds to the memory symbolism of the photo. The composite image also goes in reverse order to represent where Anastacia started in our shoot and ended. The image on the right hand side was one of the first pictures I took of her, and the one where she is seated is one of the last. This is why the image on the right is the faintest, the one of the left is at full opacity, and the one in the middle is at a median opacity.