15195897_622309021274929_6848609540963798766_oHello Everyone! Welcome to my blog!

I am Anu Priya Bharathi Rajan, a first year Ph.D. graduate student in Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University. I am currently working under Dr. Eric Brouzes on the development of a micro-well array integrated with a  bottom filter for studying spatial genomics.

I uncovered my passion towards research and biology during my time as a bachelor’s student at PSG College of Technology, India. The in-depth basics that the college taught me helped me gain some insights on  both theoretical and practical aspects of biotechnology which made me to pursue my masters in Biotechnology at NITR, India. Working on nickel doped nano-hydroxyapatite to improve angiogenesis in bone implants, I had the pleasure to observe and make changes to the cells for the betterment of life, just by sitting at a lab. This aspect thrilled me and that is how I decided to step into research carrier. My area of interest is Cancer Biology and I hope in he near future, I help the community by contributing at-least a tiny bit of my research on cancer.

Outside of lab, I love painting/drawing. Painting is like music to my mind. From the classic pencil shading to wall painting to the modern zentangle art, I love each and everything about it. I also love reading books.


Thank you for visiting my website!