Ross’ paper with Xiaoming Zhai and colleagues is getting good press! Science Daily, American Institute of Physics, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), MC.AI

New National Science Foundation grant for a RCN on evolution acceptance with colleagues at multiple institutions! August 2020.

Nicole Kinlock, Catie Foley, Gena Sbeglia, and Ross Nehm received final acceptance of their paper “A lesson on matter and energy at the organismal scale: Linking patterns and processes across diverse taxa” in CourseSource. August 2020.

Ross Nehm, working with Marcus Hammann in Germany, finished a special issue on Teleology in Evolution Education in the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach. Thanks to the international collaborators who helped make this effort a success.  July 2020

Gena Sbeglia was awarded a 2020-2021 Presidential Mini-Grant for Departmental Initiative. The project will focus on developing a measure capable of quantifying the extent to which instructors “see” inclusive practices in classroom settings. Congratulations! July 2020

Justin Goodrich, Lucy Gordon, Gena Sbeglia, and Ross Nehm presented “Faculty Adoption of Evidence‐based Teaching Practices: The Role of Observation Sampling Intensity on Measures of Change” at the national meeting of the Society of the Advancement for Biology Education Research. July 2020.

Gena Sbeglia and Ross Nehm presented “The Scales of Evolutionary Conflict Measure (SECM)” at the national meeting of the Society of the Advancement for Biology Education Research. July 2020.

Ross Nehm joined Melanie Cooper as invited discussants in the American Chemical Society Webinar on assessment July 2020.

The Editors of the International Journal of Science Education (IJSE) recognized Ross Nehm with an Award of Reviewer Excellence! June 2020.

Robyn Tornabene received final acceptance of her paper with Gena and Ross on the psychometric properties of the PUGGS instrument in Science & Education. June 2020.

Gena Sbeglia and Ross Nehm presented “Validation of the SECM (Scales of Evolutionary Conflict Measure) Instrument” at the international meeting of the Australian Science Education Research Association. June 2020.

Lucy Gordon and Justin Goodridge received URECA mini grants to present Are Faculty Changing? Sampling Effects on Measures of Instructor Adoption of Evidence-based Teaching Practices”  at the National Association of Research in Science Teaching (NARST) Conference. Spring 2020.