Meet the Board

2018-2019 Executive Board

President: Eva Gallegos

Hey! My name is Eva and I am the president of BMES. I am a senior in biomedical engineering on the cellular and molecular track and am minoring in music. I am currently researching in Dr. Frame’s lab, specifically studying changes in red blood cells with response to increases in temperature in an attempt to explain thermal burn injury progression. Ultimately, my goal is to become a physician so I plan on attending medical school. On campus, I also work as a chair for SHPE and am a member of WISE, through which I serve as a mentor for freshmen in BME and an instructor for a middle school science & engineering program. Music has been an important part of my life, and I enjoy working as a violin and piano teacher and playing with the University Orchestra.

Vice President: Abdullah Mohammed Rizvi

Hi! I am Abdullah. I am the Vice President and the Event chair of the BMES. Previously I have had the opportunity of being the treasurer of the BMES. I am a senior focusing on Bio-imaging and signals track in BME with a second major in Applied Mathematics and statistics and a minor in  Electrical Engineering. After graduation, I would like to attend graduate school to pursue Ph.D. in Medical Physics. Currently, I am doing research for the Radiology Department with Dr. Terry Button on early Breast cancer detection with the use of DIRI and Biomedical Engineering Department for Dr. Chan on ‘Lab in a Cube’. Outside of school and work, my interests include hiking, mountain climbing, cooking and reading thriller novel.

Treasurer: Timothy Darby

Hello! My name is Tim Darby and I am the treasurer for BMES. I am responsible for handling our USG-funded budget and allocating funds for our many wonderful events on campus. I am a senior in the biomedical engineering program, with a specialization in cellular and molecular engineering. I work in Stony Brook Medicine in the Dr. Obeid ‘Lipid Cancer Lab’ investigating how different bioactive lipids contribute to cancer metabolism. Outside of academic pursuits, I am a basketball fanatic and love to play intramural volleyball. After graduation, I plan on attending medical school and pursuing my dream of working in oncology.

Secretary: Krishangi Krishna

Hello! I am the secretary for BMES and in charge of sending you those lovely weekly emails regarding our club’s events. I am currently a senior specializing in cellular and molecular engineering and working in Dr. Brouzes microfluidics lab to find alternatives to PDMS for dPCR. After graduation, I plan on working towards my PhD degree. My other interests lie in electrical engineering: you may find me at the SAC working as an Audio/Visual technician and manager for all major events regarding wires, microphones, projectors, etc. Outside of work, I enjoy doing yoga, practicing the piano (if I can ever find the time), cooking, and meeting new people. So come to our events and make some new friends!

2018-2019 Extended-Executive Board

Outreach Chair: Shahajahan Chowdhury

Hey everyone! My name is hard to pronounce, so you can call me Shah for short. I am a senior Biomedical Engineering student with a Cellular/Molecular specialization track. My plan after graduation is to attend medical school. I am currently interested in computational fluid dynamics of atherosclerosis with Dr. Yin. I am in charge of fundraising for biomedical causes such as A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO), and promoting biomedical engineering in schools across Long Island. In my spare time, I enjoy writing for newsletters on campus and discussing politics and religion. I’m also an avid fan of dank memes, and I enjoy making the most out of every situation through humor.

Professional Development Chair: Daniel Mahoney

My name is Daniel Mahoney. I am the Professional Development Chair of the BMES, President of The Society of Young Entrepreneurs, and a member of Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity. As a passionate pre-medical student at Stony Brook University, I am looking to apply knowledge and learn more about mathematical modeling and creative design techniques to improve medical procedures, research, business and equipment functionality. Special interests in diagnostics, business development, research and development, digital design, applied behavioral analysis and statistical analysis for the validation of claims. Bioimaging/Bioelectricity track and dual major with AMS.

Student Seminar Series Project Manager: Daniel Moore Jr.

My name is Daniel Moore Jr. I am the Journal Club manager for the Stony Brook University chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society. I am currently in my Senior year of the undergraduate BME program at Stony Brook University and my specialization is in biomechanics and biomaterials. I also volunteer/intern in the BME department at Stony Brook Medicine where I am gaining hands on experience for electrical maintenance and repairs.

Social Chair: Mickey Yu

Hey there! My name is Mickey Yu and I am the social chair of BMES. Yes, I am the one who plans and organizes all those fun events that you guys enjoy. I am a freshman in biomedical engineering, planning to dedicate myself to the cellular and molecular track. I have a lot of academic aspirations for my college life such dual majoring with applied math and statistics, minoring in Korean studies, and study abroad. I am very interesting in patent law, however, I have yet to eliminate becoming a physician as a career. Most of my free time is spent on sleeping, reading paranormal romance novels, or playing badminton in the REC. I am on the Stony Brook Badminton team.

Academic Chair: Liliana Henriquez

Hello! My name is Liliana Henriquez and I am the academic chair of BMES. I am responsible for organizing and hosting our academic events. I am a junior double majoring in biomedical engineering and applied math and statistics. My specialization is in biomechanics and biomaterials. Outside of school, I enjoy swimming, playing lacrosse, and baking.

Marketing Chair: Rashad Saleem

Hello! My name is Rashad Saleem and I am the Marketing Chair for BMES. I am responsible for making sure that people know about our events and that we are accessible.  I am a senior in the biomedical engineering program, with a specialization in cellular and molecular engineering. When I am not in school, I work on the weekends at my retail job and help my family by doing chores around the house.

2018-2019 Faculty Advisor

Dr. Wei Yin-Rubenstein

2015-2016 Executive Board


  • President: Gabe Ruttner
  • Academic & Outreach VP: Shipra Arjun
  • Professional & Social VP: Ravi Patel
  • Treasurer: Adiba Chowdhury
  • Secretary: Amy Young
  • Academic Chair: Milan Gunasekera
  • Outreach Chair: Gita Vikram
  • Outreach Chair: Manasvi Varshney
  • Professional Development Chair: Sofya Pugach
  • Professional Development Chair: Christopher Balzano
  • Social Chair & Roth Regatta Coordinator: Amna Haider
  • Graduate representative: Samantha Rossano
  • Communications Secretary: Samantha Weber-Fishkin
  • Public Relations: Sarah Heacox
  • Webmaster: Juan Bastidas
  • E-Ball Representative: Michael Witherspoon
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wei Yin-Rubenstein



2014-2015 Executive Board


  • President: Arnavi Varshney
  • Academic & Social VP: Christina Snyder
  • Outreach & Professional VP: Gabe Ruttner
  • Treasurer: John Medamana
  • Secretary: Samantha Rossano
  • Academic Chair: Shruti Parikh
  • Outreach Chair: Shipra Arjun
  • Professional Development Chair: Vinosh Mathuranayagam
  • Professional Development Chair: Ravi Patel
  • Social Chair: Manasvi Varshney
  • Graduate representative: Mariana Miranda
  • Communications Secretary: Amy Young
  • Public Relations: Adiba Chowdhury
  • Webmaster: Sofya Pugach
  • E-Ball Representative: Amna Haider
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wei Yin-Rubenstein



2013-2014 Executive Board


  • Co-President: Muhammed Kandeel Javid
  • Co-President: Arnavi Varshney
  • Vice-President: Christina Synder
  • Treasurer: Raeish Hinson
  • Secretary: Mariana Miranda
  • Internal Commucation Secretary: Morgan Teeratananon
  • Public Relations: Samantha Rossano
  • Academic Chair: Shruti Parikh
  • Industry Chair: Amit Guruprasad
  • Professional Development Chair: Vinosh Mathuranayagam
  • Social Chair: John Medamana
  • Co-Outreach Chair: Gabriel Ruttner
  • Outreach Chair/Webmaster: Arely Clavel
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wei Yin-Rubenstein



2012-2013 Executive Board


  • President: Sowmya Sundaresh
  • Vice-President: Michele Cheung
  • Treasurer: Muhammed Kandeel Javid
  • Secretary (1): Christina Snyder
  • Secretary (2): Arnavi Varshney
  • Webmaster: Jashna Benday
  • Internal Commucation Secretary: Arely Clavel
  • Social Chair: Arnavi Varshney
  • Graduate Representative: Steve Leigh
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva



2011-2012 Executive Board


  • President: Sowmya Sundaresh
  • Vice-President: Margaret Evans
  • Treasurer: Michelle Cheung
  • Secretary: Kathryn Small
  • Webmaster (1): Ram Proshad Ghosh
  • Webmaster (2): Cheng Qian
  • Internal Commucation: Mika Lai
  • Communication Secretary: Christina Snyder
  • Social Chair: Vihita Patel
  • Graduate Representative: Steve Leigh
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva



2010-2011 Executive Board


  • President: Margaret Evans
  • Vice-President: Erica Palma
  • Treasurer: Sowmya Sundaresh
  • Secretary: Rahul Mehta
  • Communications Secretary (1): Cookie Yu
  • Communications Secretary (2): Marek Lhotak
  • Chief Technical Officer: Mika Lai
  • Webmaster: Ada Tsoi
  • Social Chair: Kushagra Singhal
  • E-Ball Representative: Antonio Wong
  • Graduate Representative: Steve Leigh
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva



2009-2010 Executive Board


  • President: Kathleen Burke
  • Vice-President: Elizabeth Fievisohn
  • Treasurer: Erica Palma
  • Secretary: Margaret Evans
  • Communications Secretary: Dan DeDora
  • Chief Technical Officer: Richard Hill
  • Webmaster: Ada Tsoi
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva


2008-2009 Executive Board


  • President: Matthew Mancuso
  • Vice-President: Hala Mostafa
  • Treasurer: Kathleen Burke
  • Secretary: Margaret Evans
  • Social Chair: Elizabeth Fievisohn
  • Webmaster: Jeryes Frieh
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Emilia Entcheva


2007-2008 Executive Board


  • President: Ujas Shah
  • Vice President: Hala Mostafa
  • Treasurer: Adriana Gomez
  • Secretary: Karin Wang
  • Social Chair: Matthew Mancuso
  • Webmaster: Ravi Desai


2004-2005 Executive Board


  • President: Sailaja Akella
  • Vice President: Debolina Kowshik
  • Treasurer: Muhammad Parvaz
  • Secretary: Lamya Karim
  • Social Chair: Eduardo Vargas
  • Webmaster: Jenn Looi
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Hadjiargyrou



2003-2004 Executive Board


  • President: David Rubenstein
  • Vice President: Maricris Silva
  • Treasurer: Debolina Kowshik
  • Secretary: Sailaja Akella
  • Social Chair: Anita Cheruvanky
  • Webmaster: Endna Choi
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Hadjiargyrou