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Did you know that content and media files from Edublog, WordPress, and Blogger sites, can be imported into your new SB You blog? Never fear. You can create an SB You blog, import content, and it will not affect your original blog site. The Import and Export features are easy. Here are a few examples.

The ePortfolio and Media Consultants in the Teaching and Learning Lab put it to the test and created a blog, Focus on Faculty at Stony Brook. At the same time they created a SB You blog with the same title. Tools, in the Dashboard menu of both sites, has Import and Export features. Using the Export feature in the blog, they created and downloaded an export file onto their computer. WordPress and Edublog provide a simple wizard guide that makes the process easy. The export file was uploaded using the Import feature in our SB You blog. The content was successfully imported and unpackaged. The site remained intact and active ( After the import, the content had to be arranged according to the new SB You Magazino theme (

I gave it a try and imported content from my ePortfolios inPractice Edublog ( my new SB You ePortfolios inPractice site ( The banner (Header) didn’t import, but all the content and media files uploaded and unpackaged in my SB You site. I only needed to arrange everything to fit the different theme format. My original ePortfolios inPractice blog remained intact. It’s easy and it works!