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Compfight Safe Images plugin

Did you know you could activate a plugin in your SB You website called Compfight Safe Images that will help you quickly and easily find, add, and properly attribute Creative Commons images to your posts and pages? This is a huge time saver!

Learned about this today while reading a related blog post from our Elegant Themes provider. Many of you Web masters out there in the SBU community might benefit from reading this article like I did:

Beautiful Imagery for Your Website: What it is, Where to Find it, and How to Use it

Here are some interesting facts cited in the article …

  • Research by Stanford University shows that for 46.1% of the people who view a website, the site’s design quality is their top criteria for deciding if the company/brand are credible or not.
  • Bright Local found that 60% of consumers prefer local search results that include images
  • A Skyword Study found that content including a relevant photograph or infographic increased its total views by 94% compared to content without an image in the same category

Hope this knowledge sharing helps you improve the imagery on your sites!