Why We Do What We Do

Got a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do this weekend. Went to a going-away party for a friend who was one of my residents my senior year as an RA, nearly <redacted> years ago. I never thought I was much of an RA that year — I was a second-year RA, a senior for whom my res life duties fell about sixth on my priority list, behind running the programming board, helping manage the campus radio station, my internship, my fraternity, and my girlfriend (in some order).

But Matt — he’s the guy in the Keith Hernandez shirt, below — was one of those freshmen in my suite who looked up to me, respected me, and became a good friend all these years later. He’s leaving New York after fourteen years working in theater to head back upstate for new adventures. (One which, I recommended, might include higher education administration.)

It’s easy to forget, when you’re in the moment, that whether we’re a student leader or a staff member, students are always watching us and learning from what we do and say. Matt watched and learned, and I’m intensely proud of what he’s accomplished and what an incredibly good dude he is. Best wishes in the new adventure, friend.


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on “Why We Do What We Do
One Comment on “Why We Do What We Do
  1. Couldn’t have asked for better footsteps to follow in, old friend. Thanks for the words of encouragement, then and now. You’re one of the best there is.

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