Thank you to all of our sponsors!


Brookhaven Instruments Corporation

  • Alumni Mixer and Long Island Wine Tasting Sponsor – Prof. Benjamin Hsiao
  • Meet & Greet Alumni and Friends Brunch –  Prof. Nicole Sampson
  • Alumni Career Panel –  Prof. Nancy Goroff
  • Lunch Sponsor – Prof. Surita Bhatia
  • SAC Why Lobby Reception Sponsor –  Prof. Elizabeth Boon
  • Departmental Celebration Reception Sponsor –  Prof. Iwao Ojima
  • Commemorative 60th T-shirt Sponsor – Prof. Stephen Koch

Expanding the Chemistry Department’s undergraduate and graduate educational and research programs requires investment at all levels. Chemistry alumni have been supportive of their alma mater by giving of their time, expertise and providing financial support to ensure that their department sustains the highest level of educational and research and community services. There are a number of existing programs within Chemistry as well as newly proposed programs that can be supported by philanthropic contributions such as a seminar series, graduate education, graduate awards and fellowships, safety day, chemistry research day, as well as awards for undergraduate teaching assistants.

  • Chemistry Excellence Fund: To cultivate, sustain and further excellence in the activities of the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.
  • Chemistry Symposia Fund: To help the department sponsor special purpose symposia and conference initiatives.
  • Lauterbur Frontier Research Endowment Fund in Chemistry: To promote frontier research for health, environment, and energy through chemistry.
  • Endowment for Education in Organic Chemistry: To benefit and enhance the Department of Chemistry by providing support to be used at the discretion of its Chair.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Norma Reyes at norma.reyes@stonybrook.edu.

To make a donation to the Chemistry Excellence Fund,  CLICK HERE