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100 Words: Personal Story

Each person has a something that defines who they are. Distinct personalities, fashion senses, etc. For me, I believe it to be my tattoos that help define who I am. My tattoos are an important aspect that make me, me and each represents a different point in my life. Carefully thought up, I aim to continuously add as life progresses. An example is that for the airplane tattoo, each dash behind the paper airplane is a country I’ve traveled to and the black dot is the final unknown destination. This is a growing tattoo and as I continue to grow, so will that tattoo.



Altered Perception on Depression
















Suicide Hotline



Short Reflection


Affecting people in different manners, depression is a mental health issue over 5% of the population face. I have faced days where it seems everything is “bland” and I dont seem to fit. It is weird to say but the next day could be perfectly 180 and it would be as if the darkness was never there. I came about them through my own experiences as well as talking to my friends. I was able to discuss with some of them about the different instances where they have faced severe depression and I tried to portray them. Each picture aimed to show a different effect of depression on a persons vision. Though each individual person may not experience the same effects, these are the most common among those with depression. Perceiving colors as greys, sensitivity to light, painful/strained eyes, increased amount of eye floaters (spots that float across your eye), mildly blurred vision, and watery eyes.




How Depression Affects Your Eyes

Vision Loss and Depression


Looking From the Outside In

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What I discovered as a Portrait Photographer

I can say that I learned three major things from this portraiture assignment. The first was when photographing a stranger. I thought this was the easier part of the assignment because I am not afraid to talk to random people. I think its cool to to able to talk to random strangers and find out their story, what they were up to in that moment. When working with my roommates, I thought it was a little more difficult because I wanted to pinpoint one exact trait from them. Living with these guys for two years allowed me to take what I know and capture it in one picture. The hardest part of this assignment was the self-portraiture. I definitely immediately thought of the themes for my photos but the execution was the difficult part. Each photo implemented a different aspect of what we learned through the still-life project. Constantly adjusting the aperture mode to get the photo in the dark room just to extenuate the light of the peripherals took a while. For the pool photo, it took many different iterations until I found the one I was satisfied with. The shutter speed had to be raised up to the point that my ISO was not high enough and to get the shot, I needed to sacrifice some quality to get it. Overall it was a fun project where I got to play around with all my equipment.

Insight on Friends


Zachary: What can I say about this guy, from talking with him for 15 minutes he seems very much like someone I’d hang out with outside of class. Kathryn and I will bring our long boards and we’ll go on a field trip is how it vibed. If he could be described as a color, I would think “Macaroni and Cheese” or Neon Orange color is the best. It would represent how I think he is a happy/goofy guy who cares about his friends and a man of simple pleasures.



Kathryn: I have known this wonderful person for three years and change now and she is one dedicated cookie. A color to represent Kathryn is yellow. A bright color that can’t be outshone.

A take on Portraiture


When looking over examples of Portraiture, the first pictures that stuck out to me were by Lee Friedlander. Like in the photographs above, I was surprised by the nonchalantness of the photos. The first looking like he just woke up and decided, “hey, today im going to take a photo… Okay done” and its just funny cause I do that with snapchat. The second photo of him staring at a lightbulb is trippy because IM SURE after that photo he was seeing stars but did it anyway for the photo which is cool and that weird angle and choice to include the lightbulb compelled me to include this photograph into the post.


His photos are available for viewing at the following link (NSFW):

and (SFW)




The second photographer I looked at was Vivian Maier. She a nanny in the 40s and took photographs as a hobby photographer which I would have never known if I didnt research her a bit. She was apparently an unkown photographer and didnt get published til 2007! A lot of her work is beautiful like the photograph above. The reflection causing an infinite amounts of her was what I liked about this photograph specifically and I guess like me and unlike me, her hobby was a big passion of hers.




From the eyes of Teju Cole

The above photo was taken by Jonathan Bachman during a 2016 Black Lives Matter rally in Baton Rouge after the murder of Alton Sterling. It is a powerful picture of Ieshia Evans, mearly 18 years old, standing defenseless and unarmed against two heavily armed soldiers while awaiting arrest. I really like how the way the photo is taken; we know that they are just running to detain her but in the moment it seems like they are taken aback and scared of her? Teju Cole describes her as “almost to be levitating,” which is another perfect way to look at this photograph. I really like how he describes the photos in the article as if they were all shot to depict a super-hero. With the recent Black Panther movie being released, it is clear now that many more childern will have superheros to be able to look up to and in respect to this photo, not all superheros have to be fictional.


Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/31/magazine/the-superhero-photographs-of-the-black-lives-matter-movement.html?rref=collection%2Fcolumn%2Fon-photography

Still Life- Landscape

Correct Exposure versus Overexposure versus Underexposure:



Highest ISO versus Lowest ISO:


Correct Whitebalance versus Incorrect Whitebalance (Tungsten) versus Incorrect Whitebalance #2 (Incandescent)


Shallow Depth of Field versus Deep Depth of Field


Stopping of rapid motion versus Blurring of rapid motion


Standard angle of view versus Alternative angle of view


Life and Death


Bonus Photos

f-stop- 1/6.3 shutter speed- 1/60s ISO- 400 18-55@26mm

f-stop- 1/8 shutter speed- 1/250s ISO- 400 18-55@24mm

Time of Day – Views From Above

Taken with a Nikon D3300 on full-auto without flash


F#:4.5 Focal Length: 32 Exposure time: 1/10 @ 12:50am


F#:4.5 Focal Length: 32 Exposure time: 1/13 @2:53am


F#:4 Focal Length: 24 Exposure time: 1/15 @ 3:58am


F#:3.5 Focal Length: 18 Exposure time: 1/8 @ 5:23am


F#:4.2 Focal Length: 31 Exposure time: 1/20 @7:55am


F#:6.3 Focal Length: 18 Exposure time: 1/160 @ 9:35am


F#:9 Focal Length: 18 Exposure time: 1/320 @ 12:42pm


F#:8 Focal Length: 26 Exposure time: 1/250 @ 3:26pm


F#:6.3 Focal Length: 27 Exposure time: 1/160 @6:12pm


F#:4.2 Focal Length: 29 Exposure time: 1/40 @7:09pm


F#:4 Focal Length: 27 Exposure time: 1/50 @ 7:19pm


F#:4 Focal Length: 26 Exposure time: 1/30 @ 10:39pm


F#:4.2 Focal Length: 30 Exposure time: 1/8 @10:55pm


PechaKucha – Brassaï