DoIT Core Values

When I arrived at Stony Brook I was thrilled to see a team in DoIT that worked hard every day to help support and grow this University. I continue to be struck by the overwhelming commitment we have to the mission and goals of Stony Brook.

With that said, all great organizations need to promote and believe in a core set of values. I had the chance to work with our senior leadership team in the creation of value statements that I shared with each of you in our Yammer space. Looking back at that thread there was a very lively and engaged discussion over the formulation of our final statements. What I have below represents the anchor points for us as DoIT. I am proud of these statements and will use them as a guiding framework in my work going forward.

  1. Communicate: We are committed to engagement, communication, and sharing information with a human voice.
  2. Grow: We will actively hire great people, develop their growth, encourage a healthy work/life balance, promote a diversity of voices, and support our staff.
  3. Satisfy: We will work to delight our customers in the innovative delivery of our solutions and services.
  4. Engage: We will work collaboratively across the Institution to provide a responsive IT environment that enriches and enhances teaching, learning, service, and research.
  5. Innovate: We will encourage innovation, even where concrete business benefit is not initially apparent.

Over the coming weeks you will see these promoted more in our spaces around campus in various forms. I want us to continue to engage in conversations around these values and continue to build meaning from them to help guide our decisions and actions. These are principles that can give us agency in our ongoing initiatives and should provide sign posts to guide us towards always doing the right thing.

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