Summer Coffee

We just posted a new invite for Coffee with Cole … all I can say is that I love these. Each time I have one I leave feeling so energized by the interactions. I enjoy the informal setting and the opportunity to just sit back and talk to one another.

When I was at Penn State, my CIO held similar sessions and I never attended — I guess I figured since I worked for him on a regular basis that it wasn’t for me. He always told me otherwise, but I wanted to leave a seat for others to get a chance to hang out with him. I just simply didn’t understand how different getting together over coffee creates a different dynamic. The conversations are about us in a very different way when it isn’t a staff meeting, an IT Partners gathering, or a meeting in general. It gives us a chance to get to know one another in a more holistic way and that is the win. Its funny, when I told my old boss I was adopting this idea he immediately told me how much I would love it and how much I would learn. As was typical with Kevin, he has been right. So sign up — no matter who you are or what you do at Stony Brook. It is a chance to engage in ways that are so rare at work. Oh, and you get to be in a group selfie!

CWC Selfie ... Sorry, Terry!

CWC Selfie … Sorry, Terry!

New Round of Coffee with Cole

I cannot believe we’ve reached the end of the fall semester here at Stony Brook! The first four months of my time here has flown by and while I have tons of things to reflect on over the Holidays, the one thing I may have enjoyed the most has been the Coffee with Cole sessions. They filled up so quickly that lots of people got left out, so I decided to schedule another batch for the spring semester — oh, and did I mention I really liked them?

DoIT VP Coordinator’s Office

So do me a favor and jump over and pick a date in the spring where you can join me for coffee and open, informal conversations. And while you are at it, join the Yammer group!

Photo credits Todd Stadler on Flickr

cDACT Tour

I was lucky enough to get a very interactive tour of the Consortium for Digital Arts, Culture, and Technology, or cDACT, lab by Margaret Schedel today … she invited me over to see a bunch of the students in action.  All of them are doing such amazing things with art, music, and technology. It was an absolutely inspiring way to spend an hour and a half of my day. I highly recommend checking it out!