Ed’s Digital Story About His Hometown, Cicely, Alaska

Season 3, Northern Exposure

I apologize for the multiple announcements, but I found a PERFECT example of a digital stories.  I’m sure very few of you have heard of or watch the 1990s hit television series, Northern Exposure.  I highly recommend it.  I was watching a Season 3 episode, in which one of the main characters, Ed, decides to make a movie about his hometown, Cicely, Alaska.  His production has perfect timing, pacing, musical background, and his passion comes through in his concise narrative.  It’s short and gets to the point.  What impressions did you get from this short, digital story about Cicely and Ed?    He’s using video clips, most students use images with transitions (or a combination of both)  Watch this an you’ll get the idea of producing a digital story –  (it’s good)!

We’ll talk about the components of a digital story in class on Wednesday.  Watch Ed’s story and see if you can see the components on your own.  List what you think the components of a digital story are in a reply to this post.