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“Teaching by Disaster”

I presented a paper entitled “Teaching by Disaster: The Ethical, Legal and Societal Implications of Engineering Disaster”, at the American Society for Engineering Education, Fall 2010 Middle Atlantic Section Conference (October 15-16, Villanova University), which discussed the results of my first course offering exclusively on engineering disasters. I have included the text of the paper as a separate page with a link on the right — please have a look and let me know what you think!

SEC-CFTC Flash Crash Report Leaves Experts Unsatisfied

SEC-CFTC Flash Crash Report Leaves Experts Unsatisfied.

This news report, published today on the FinanceTech website and written by Ivy Schmerken, discusses lessons learned from studying the causes of the May 6th “flash crash” of the stock market.  Discussing learning about problems that can occur with computerized trading, the article states: “In terms of lessons learned from, it points out the perils of algorithmic trading strategy run amok when it is executed without regard to time and price. “.  It is another example of what engineers (or software designers) can learn from a system failure in order to make more relaible/robust designs.