So this is it. Week 1 … we are getting set to embark on quite the semester together. We will be spending three hours each week together having conversations about how technology is shaping the world around us — and in particular, how is it impacting us here on college campuses. Much of our time will be spent having conversations about the things we will be watching, reading, and making — in other words, I expect you to come ready to share what you are thinking about. Even today is influenced by a once very disruptive force — radio. After listening to an episode of Reply All, a podcast from Gimlet Media, I decided to completely redesign our time together today … and BTW, there will be a lot of that, so get used to it!

I want you to feel comfortable in exploring new thinking with our class … the class will only be as good as we make it together! And we are off!

  • Introductions and course background
  • Syllabus review
  • Meet our technology: Twitter and course hashtag #CDT450, Google Drive, Yammer, Diigo, Course Blog, the iPad, and (maybe) NoteBowl
  • Disruptive Conversation
    • Explore the notion of disruption and disruptive technologies
    • Explore the three themes of the course — community, identity, and design
    • Explore a story and unpack disruption through the lens of our three themes
  • Establish our shared “Weekly Create Post” guidelines and assessment model

Out of Class Assignments

What is disruptive innovation?