So next week we start with the team posts. Things are looking to ramp up, and while I wait (not so) patiently to see how you will react to this week’s work with your postings I thought I would share with you a model that can illustrate the kind of substantive work I am expecting starting next week. The first week is very much about setting the stage and getting to know one another, but once the team postings start there is a rigor associated with my expectations that may be a bit beyond what you are used to encountering. You heard me say a few times on Thursday that I will not be giving tests this semester, but I will be assessing your grasp of our material through your conversations in class and your postings here on the blog.

With that in mind I want to share with you a link to the work grad students are doing in this course at Penn State. They are a few weeks ahead of us, so it stands as a good model to the kind of things you will be tackling in the weeks ahead. Now, keep in mind that they are reading multiple chapters of multiple books each week — something I have chosen not to do to you. Even so, I want you to be prepared for what I expect. Here are two examples of team based writing outcomes that you should use as guides for your own attempt at sense-making in your weekly team posts. See both, “Engaging in the Development of Identities” and “The Shapes of our Identity” as examples of team based posts for a week.

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