Hi, I’m Katherine and I was born in Suffolk County and have been living on Long Island my entire life. I’m a senior Sociology major with a double minor in Women’s Studies and Media Arts. I’m interested in working with online/social media after graduation. I have an obsession with the music production industry and on occasion attempt to make my own electronic music. Ideally, I’d love to work managing a well-known producer or working on marketing/social media for them.

I originally found out about this class from a class I took last semester, CDT 208. I ended up reading the class description and reading more about Cole and thought it would be a really interesting class. I was excited to see how ecstatic he was about having the opportunity to teach again.

Overall, I feel like I’m pretty comfortable with technology but could definitely learn more about certain programs and apps. I would say I’m about as comfortable with technology as most other college students are. I’ve had a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and most popular social media accounts. I’m currently active on Facebook and Instagram but deleted my twitter last year.I can’t think of any area of life that technology isn’t a part of currently.

“Disrupting the Classroom” and “Disruption+Innovation.”

I really enjoyed reading Disruption+Innovation. I thought that the comparison of newspapers to modern education was extremely interesting. Newspaper companies never used to worry about going out of business because consumers weren’t interested in reading newspapers anymore. I definitely think the modern education system is completely going to change with the rising popularity of MOOCS replacing actual in-class environments. I was really surprised when Cole showed the statistics of how many people were enrolling in online classes versus the number enrolled in actual college institutions.

Disrupting the Classroom

The articles discussion of technology as a positive disruption was interesting. The word disruption tends to hold a negative connotation but new technologies should be a positive thing rather than strictly seen as a distraction in the classroom.

Thoughts on Podcast

The podcast we listened to in class really made me think about the dangers of anonymous social media apps like Yik Yak. I thought it was cowardly of the people who were writing  those vicious yaks about the ACC to do so anonymously. I was especially surprised when the podcast talked about how Yik Yak will only agree to block their app using geofencing in high schools but not college campuses. I didn’t think that Colgate University handled the situation very well, at least publicly. I thought it was amazing of the Dean to offer the members of the ACC who felt threatened to stay at her home but it was only a temporary, not permanent solution. The schools offer of allowing the students to finish the semester off campus seemed to indicate that the students, not the university was doing something wrong. I think anonymous social media apps like Yik Yak can be really fun and interesting when they are used by mature people in the right environment. I think Yik Yak should have a better system for managing posts targeted against a certain person or group of people.

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