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iPad Reflection – Week 1

Being new to iProducts, I decided to start by switching off a few unnecessary features and and installing a bunch of Google apps, and other apps, that I have installed on my android device. This week’s goal was to waste as little time as possible trying to figure things out.

Everything seems to be functioning well. The iPad is speeds, responsive, and pretty to look at. Also, I’m finding that screen real estate allows me to be extremely comfortable and productive while using the apps.

I recently discovered that I can’t share data between apps as easily as I can on android, which is terribly upsetting, but this is something that I will try to look past for now. Also, typing is not as easy, or accurate, without a keyboard. I’m sure that my typing will improve on the iPad, but slamming my fingers against glass is completely undesirable when I have a mechanical keyboard at my disposal. Google Drive, Kindle, Chrome, and Spotify are at the top of the most frequently used app list. I seem spend little time using things that are distinctly “iPad”. I am actively trying to use my desktop less, now that I have this device, and this is a drop in replacement for most basic assignments / tasks related to my assignments. With that being said, I still need to use my desktop regularly, but I do enjoy being productive on the go.

Next week, I will try to do the majority of my computing on my iPad, during down time between classes. I’d also like to try and record video a few times.

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  1. When I first got an iPad back when they came out I gave my laptop to my assistant to lock it away for 30 days. It was quite the challenge, but I learned a ton about the device! Hopefully this week when Apple is here we will be shedding light on a bunch of somewhat hidden features — like sharing stuff between apps. Keep pushing on it!

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