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Date: February 5, 2015


I hesitate doing this, but …

Change in Plans

I was just notified that the folks from Apple will not be here today … other than it being a bummer it leaves a pretty big hole in our class today. I am doing some work now to expand our agenda for this afternoon, but I doubt we will be there all three hours because of the change. See you all in a bit.

Weekly Create – Chris


In my experience when people do kind things they want their name attached to it. The converse appears true with the Colgate Yik Yak story. I decided to release some anonymous positivity in my college residence hall with these signs.
Anonymous Kindness

Update: 2/7/2015

The signs I posted seem to be really popular with the people that live in my college residence hall. I checked yesterday and only one tag was left.

Anonymous Kindness Update

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