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What’s in your bag – Shady

Disclaimer: I do not carry a bag, therefore I had to use my wife’s.  Of course, she wasn’t happy about it.


Name: Shady’s wife

Place: Stony Brook, New York

Occupation: Contracts and Clinical trials Administrator in Higher Ed

What can’t you live without? Everything! (her response)

What’s the most surprising thing you carry? A checkbook she thought she did not have, she said.  I asked again if she wasn’t surprised by anything else, she said no.

<NinjaEdit> What could be replaced by the iPad? Receipts, notes, business cards could be imaged and stored in EverNote.  Coupons could be scanned out of the iPad as ecoupons.  Eventually, checks and money will be handled with an iPad</NinjaEdit>

Bag Contents:

  • First aid kit
  • Lip gloss
  • Hand cream
  • Perfume sample
  • Three coupons
  • 6 pens and a non-matching cap
  • 4 business cards
  • 2 check books
  • Book of coupons
  • Some sort of contract
  • 3 keychains (one with no keys)
  • 3 lollypops
  • American coins
  • Romanian coins
  • Dutch coins
  • A pressed Penny souvenir from Seaworld
  • 1 Almond
  • 1 empty glasses cases
  • 1 Prescription (from September 2014)
  • Various notes
  • 11 receipts
  • Napkins
  • Straw wrappers
  • Name labels
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  1. You forgot to say what could be replaced by the iPad … and I am looking at you, Shady … not your wife.

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