I decided I would post the contents of my larger laptop bag. I don’t carry this all that much anymore unless I know I will need my laptop — which is actually not very common anymore. So, what can the iPad replace? Almost all of this stuff, but when I am carrying just my iPad I sometimes have an external keyboard case and will always have a charger. I do typically handwrite my notes because of the kinds of meetings I am in. I find that culturally Stony Brook is not as open to having technology open/out in meetings. That is changing, but I try to have a pen and a Moleskin always with me. It is easy to know what I can’t live without in my bag — a charging cable for my iPhone/iPad. Actually just as critical as the devices. The most surprising thing is a Post-It Notes pad. I actually do end up using them quite a bit, but it is a little odd given my typical digital first attitude. So contents, from the top:

  • Custom, Handmade moose + pine bag
  • iPad Air 2
  • Post It Note Pad
  • iPhone Headphones
  • iOS Charging Block
  • USB Cable
  • iPhone Lightning Cable
  • Black Bag 1 … Thunderbolt Display Connectors (VGA & DVI), an SD Card, and a USB Stick
  • Black Bag 2 … Noise Canceling In Ear Headphones
  • Black Bag 3 … Wireless Remote
  • 1 Band-Aid
  • 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  • Apple Business Card Holder
  • MacBook Power Brick
  • Moleskin (My “real” one is at the office and is an Evernote Business Edition)
  • OptiFlow Fine Point Pen — Blue
  • Extra 32 GB iPhone 5S (I carry two iPhones, the other is a 32GB iPhone 6 that stays in my pocket)
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