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Ken’s iPad Reflection, Week 2: What’s in My Bag?

my bag

  • winter hat, black
  • micro USB charger
  • white envelope containing coupons, receipts, etc.
  • wallet
  • electronic cigarette “mod” with rebuildable drip atomizer
  • 1 eraser
  • 3 ballpoint pens, 2 black and 1 multicolored
  • 2 folders containing various papers and blank looseleaf sheets
  • metal business card holder filled with my business cards
  • pair of Apple headphones, unopened
  • Two 18650 batteries
  • Nutri-Grain bar, apple cinnamon
  • pack of tissues, unopened
  • iPhone/iPad charger
  • iPad Air
  • 3 mechanical pencils
  • USB thumb drive, 64 GB
  • USB thumb drive, 4 GB

Most surprising: The electronic cigarette. People often used to be surprised I smoked and now they’re surprised that I used to smoke.

What I can’t live without: The wallet, the e-cig, the winter hat in this weather.

What could be replaced by the iPad: Most easily the envelope containing coupons and receipts, but that will take further technological change. If the world goes paperless I could see potentially getting rid of the folders and writing implements, but until then, in a world with math homework I don’t see getting rid of good old paper, pencil, and eraser. I suppose the thumb drives could be replaced if the iPad was easier to use as a regular storage device and had more space.

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  1. I feel like my bag is very similar to yours. We both seem to be straddling the “I want to go completely electronic, but the world just isn’t quite there yet.” I also have a flash drive that I keep with me, but wish the iPad had more space. The tech/education world is just at an awkward moment for now.

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