I’ve attempted to use the iPad for video and photographs this week. I haven’t been able to get past the iPad’s inability to share content to google drive, facebook messenger, google hangouts, and many other apps. I am hardwired to search for files in locations that have been designated for their storage, before attempting to use them in some way. iOS demands that I begin this search in the application that I wish to use the file in; to lock everyone into this alternate approach, they’ve completely avoided building support to share files to apps from the share button found when viewing the file. Apple is forcing me to push the home button, locate the application that I wish to open the content in, and open that application, navigate to the option/button that allows me to look for images/content/files on the iPad, remember which file it is that I wanted to use, re-locate the file, and continue what I was doing, instead of: push share, select app, move on with life. It damages the otherwise calm and speedy workflow that I get into on the device.

I’m finding that typing on the iPad is getting easier, but I would never use it for typing if I had a real keyboard, and no, the iPad keyboards are not adequate. Gmail, Chrome, Drive, and Blackboard are most valuable to me right now; because I have more screen real-estate, consuming content and responding has become much easier and more enjoyable. Next week, I’ll try using the iPad as a utility while I’m at work. I have a Screen Connect installed, for remote support, and a utility called Fing, which is “the ultimate network toolkit.”

The contents of the bag that holds my scholastic belongings:



In my bag, I’ve got some plays, some books about theatre, two notebooks, a fountain pen, ink for the fountain pen, two charging cables, one power adapter, and an iPad, complete with case. Nothing in my bag can be replaced by an iPad, except for the iPad. At the moment, I can live without the two plays in the bottom right corner of the image, as they are for leisure, but the rest, I must have with me. The only thing not pictured here is my binder, filled with various papers, that is currently in a storage locker at SBU. The most surprising thing that is found in my bag is the bottle of ink (inside the box below Next to Normal.) Unfortunately, I use ink rather quickly, so keeping the bottle close by is a must. The dramaturgy text is not a full time addition to the pile of texts that reside within my bag.


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