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COMMUNITY according to Too Disruptive

A group of individuals bound by some commonalities including but not limited to geography, status, interest, gender, goals, philosophy, profession,¬†identity, activities, ETC…


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  1. Similar response to team Right Shark. To make the response more concise, I would’ve avoided using “etc.” and I would replaced the commonalities list with a concrete term.
    In the case of Right Shark, we used the words “common characteristics”. Not necessarily the best option, but saved us from having to list the “common characteristics”

    They also used the word individuals, which refers to human beings. We chose to use “a group of living beings” to go beyond humans.

    • Jay.Loomis@stonybrook.edu

      February 13, 2015 at 1:04 am

      In order to come to a deeper understanding of [COMMUNITY], as a team we brainstormed for about ten minutes. In our definition we decided to focus on the concept of [BOUND TOGETHER] as one defining characteristic of [COMMUNITY]. We used our imaginations to consider a variety of situations where individuals (not exclusively human individuals) were bound together in some way. We intentionally decided NOT to be vague and general, but opted for specificity and created a short list of real and concrete situations that could describe the concept of community.
      “ETC.” is a call for the reader of our definition to use their imagination to think about other specific situations that can shed light on the meaning of [COMMUNITY].

  2. I like this because all communities are indeed linked by some commonality, from very broad to very specific. The word community can be used different ways, like “the black community” which is a large group spanning a wide area, to communities that are very small and tight knit, whether in terms of location or specific interest, but under any usage there is some commonality that can be found.

  3. Very nice definition Team Too Disruptive! Infeelmlike the definition is broad enough to include more conceptual versions of community such as the “online community.” GREAT WORK!

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