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iPad Reflexion – Week 3 – Shady

When I first received the iPad, I told my self, “no way I’m going to be able to use this for writing without a real keyboard”.  After two weeks of in-class writing, I am very impressed at how well the native iPad keyboard works.  The auto-correct makes it a breeze.  I can type without even looking at the on-screen keyboard, with making little to no mistakes.   At this point, I feel I’m better off without a physical keyboard, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try to see how it might improve the typing experience.  Perhaps good to have when writing long papers.

One thing that I still find hard to do is to move the cursor to the desired position.  Even with the magnifier it can be a challenge.

I really enjoy going to class with just the iPad, no bags, books, notebooks, pens.  I’m able to open all the content for the class, read, browse, and blog.



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  1. I just trust auto correct. Before I did that I was frustrated … It honestly makes me wonder why it doesn’t work this way on a regular computer. I do swing back and forth on the idea of a physical keyboard, but I am actually pretty decent with the iPad keyboard. I think that comes from using one for 30 solid days — I put my laptop in a locked cabinet just to really understand the iPad.

    But you are so right with the cursor. I hate the way that works. There are some apps that do some interesting things with moving the cursor around that I like.

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