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Jay Loomis – iPad Thoughts

I’ve been using the iPad for all of my courses for several semesters and it keeps me organized and paper free. One thing I like about taking notes in GoodNotes is that I have about 100 different colors to choose from with different styles of writing utensils. I use a lot of different colors when I take notes which helps me to stay organized and aware of different topics that come up during a lecture or discussion. I also like to be able to look back at notes that I took, and articles that I read last semester in a class that is related to my Urban Soundscapes class this semester – it’s all on my iPad.

I did find something the iPad will not do – I’m a TA in a class and I have to input the attendance for each class into Blackboard. I tried to do it using my iPad, but there is something about the mobile app for Bb that does not allow me to scroll through the spreadsheet where I need to input the attendance information.

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  1. The insight about Bb is great to know … the mobile app is so limited and we need to find a way to fix that if we are truly going to make campus a mobile ready environment for all members of the community. I downloaded the Bb Grader app but couldn’t get it to work … it is on my list of things to ask my colleagues in TLT. Check it out … http://www.blackboard.com/bbgrader

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