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Kate’s week 3 iPad Reflection

Its been 3 weeks since I started the journey with the iPad Air. It has maintained a place in my daily activities. I sill find moments when I say, ‘Oh, I can use the iPad for that!’. I started scanning old newspaper articles and papers into Evernote. I have been using my I pad frequently while I teach but really wish I had the ability to connect it to the projector so I could eliminate the need for my laptop on most days. I have also been using it for most writing assignments and notes. I recently got the QuickVoice app so I can ramble on about projects to myself and take notes on it later. In general it’s been a great experience so far. The only thing that continues to bother me is that in some apps and on some websites the touch sensitivity seems to be off and it takes too long to select or click on certain things. Also, while I have found apps that have promise in competing with photoshop I have yet to find something that competes or even attempts to compete with AfterEffects, which is what I primarily use for many projects. I will continue searching….

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  1. A couple of quick thoughts … I have used Evernote as a very reliable voice recorder within the context of notes. What are you using to scan articles? I have a hardware scanner at my desk, but have found that the Scanable app is really close to as good. Also, you should be able to hook up the iPad to a projector — you need the right connector, if you tell me what kind of cable I will provide the adaptor.

    And I have no answer for after effects, sorry!

  2. I will have to try evernote’s recording. That would make it much easier to keep all my notes together. I have beef using the scannable app for most thinks and love it. The only problem I find is that there is no setting to choose black and white or color scans and sometimes the contrast is the o great and words are not readable, but. This doesn’t happe too frequently. I Definitely need to get the connector for the projector . It’s a vga adaptor. Thank you!

  3. I’ll get a VGA adaptor for you.

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