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Ken’s iPad Reflection, Week 3

Since my first iPad Reflection, I’ve been using the iPad for doing the assigned readings. I like how Safari can open a PDF file in the browser (I don’t believe Chrome for Android does this) and also that it gives you to the choice to open it in iBook. It’s been a nice change to read on the iPad. Certainly it’s easier on the eyes than using my desktop monitor. I’m not sure how a Retina display monitor would compare though.

I’ve also started looking for other alternatives to Lekh Diagram, the diagramming app I’ve been using. One thing I like about iOS is that I feel safer just downloading a half dozen apps that look interesting and trying them out.  I previously did the same thing while looking for an image editing app for my Weekly Create. On Android I’d do a bit more research like reading the app reviews to make sure I’m not downloading something malicious.

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  1. I do find it interesting that the google play store originally had an advantage that it was more “open” than the Apple App Store. I think from very early on the argument for Apple’s review policies were to keep bad apps out … I think it has taken a few years for people to see the value in that vetting process.

    Another thought, I have the iPad Air with a retina display like the rest of you and I too find reading on it to be a joy. The retina display on my MacBook Pro is very good, but it does not, IMHO, compare to the reading experience on the iPad.

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